Monday, April 19, 2010

The Return of Gourmet

It's been forever since I've blogged or had my soap shop open. Well, what seems like forever has only been a few short months. If you have been to my little Etsy shop, then you know that my family and I have had some troubles, health & personal. Everything has evened out quite a bit.

Between me & you (don't tell my husband), my husband has had kidney stone issues about 2 months ago. He's never had any problems with them before, but he's 38, works construction in the hot blazing Alabama sun, and has a diet comparable to the Neanderthals. If it could be bludgeoned, he ate it. Really though, don't tell him I said that. The man thought he was dying, at least that's what I could make out on our drive to the emergency room. When we found out definitively that it was a kidney stone, I watched him pray to God (out loud, of course) that he would not eat so much red meat, that sodas were out, and "dear God, salads will be my main staple...from now on." I joke now, but he was in serious pain. Even though he's passed one, he still has several more in his kidneys that are just waiting to make their way down his ureter. He's ok for now :)

During the last 3-4 months, my oldest son has had problems coughing. He just coughed all the time, and sometimes he would have a coughing fit for 10-30 minutes straight. He didn't appear to have breathing problems, he just couldn't stop coughing. We thought it was a cold at first, and waited the required 2 weeks, but he still coughed. We took him to his doctor, and was given a round of antibiotics; but after 10 days, he still coughed. We went back to the doctor at was given something stronger for 14 days, but he still coughed. We were told to give him allergy meds, but after 3 weeks, he still coughed. The coughing fits started to become more frequent, so we headed back to the doctor. Johnny was then given a pulmocort breathing treatment, and we were told to come back in a month....and it worked like a charm. He finally has relief. He does cough once in a while, when the pollen count is high, but he's so much better.

So now that we are all getting back to normal, I've been cleaning like a crazy lady. The soap room is completely disinfected, and I've been making soap like crazy. I think I will only have a few soaps for sale for a while, so that I can get back into the swing of things. I would like the thank everyone who has been wonderful in showing their support. I am deeply blessed to have known so many wonderful people.


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